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More comfort for your money
Ordinary heating systems rely on air circulation to distribute heat. Because hot air rises, the warmth migrates and accumulates near the ceiling, causing forced air systems to work overtime to heat the occupied space. Radiant floor heat is more like the sun. It directly warms people and objects, so the warmth stays in your living space. It's true comfort while saving money on heating bills. Check out below how Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating can improve the comfort of your home.

Comfort You Control
Radiant heat offers you comfort choices. Warm your entire house or just problem areas like the kitchen, bathroom, basement, or entryway. Whichever you choose, you'll be increasing your comfort today and your home's resale value in the future. Multiple thermostats can control your comfort and your costs by allowing you to turn down the temperature in rooms that are not in use. If you want, you can have a thermostat in every room.

From new homes to renovations, Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating is the perfect addition to any home. Wirsbo tubing can be installed in standard concrete or poured floor underlayment. PEX tubing installed between the joists is an easy application which is great for retrofitting a home for comfort. For any project, reliable Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating is an investment in comfort.

Types of Installation

Concrete Concrete Floors
In lower levels, basements and garages, Wirsbo PEX tubing is tied to the reinforcing mesh before the slab is poured. Radiant floor is very easy and cost effective to install in concrete.
Poured floor underlayment
Wirsbo PEX tubing is installed over suspended wood floors and covered with poured floor underlayment
Poured Floor Underlayment
Suspended Floor Suspended Floors
Wirsbo PEX tubing is placed over the subfloor. The tubing rests in heat transfer plates. This is an alternative to lightweight concrete and is excellent for remodeling projects or additions.
Between the Joists
Wirsbo PEX tubing can be installed between the floor joists. Between the joist heating is perfect for remodeling projects, additions and for heating the upper floors of your new home.
Between the Joists

Benefits of WIRSBO Radiant Heat

SUPERIOR COMFORT: Consistent, steady heat all winter long, that stays near the floor where you are.

WARM TILE FLOORS IN KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS: Beautiful wood and marble floors are even more enjoyable because they are warm.

EFFICIENCY: With no wasted heat, thermostats are kept at a lower setting, translating into lower energy bills.

COMFORT PLACEMENT: Direct the warm water in your system to the rooms that need the heat. The ability to zone your home places heat where you want it, when you want it.

DECORATING FREEDOM: Because the system is encased in the floor, furnishings can be placed wherever you desire without concern for impairing heat distribution. In addition, Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating Systems can be installed under any type of flooring, including wood, tile, concrete and carpet.

CLEAN AND DRAFT FREE: There are no noisy fans to blow dust and allergens around your home. Also, because the floors are warm, they dry quickly after mopping.

IT'S AN INVESTMENT: Installing radiant floor heating in your home immediately increases the value. Installing Wirsbo tubing in slab or basement applications allows you to turn cold, damp areas into warm cozy living space - taking full advantage of all the available square footage in your home.

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